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IIT Kharagpur: Invited applications for the post of Project Research Scientist

BiotechVille BiotechVille 01:38 AM, 01 Jul 2024

IIT Kharagpur: Invited applications for the post of Project Research Scientist

Position: Project Research Scientist - Research


PI: Basudev Lahiri


Department: Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg.


Ref No.: IIT/SRIC/R/BDM/2024/102


Project Title: Breaking Barriers in Fungal Sepsis Diagnosis and Antifungal Resistance Detection: Evaluating FTIR as a Cutting-edge Modality(BDM)


Sponsor: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)(Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, ICMR Campus-II, Tuberculosis Association of India, 1st Floor, 3 Red Cross Road, New Delhi-110001)


Consolidated Compensation: Upto Rs.56000(depending upon qualification & experience)



  1. First Class Post Graduate Degree OR
  2. Second Class Post Graduate Degree including PhD OR
  3. For Engineering first class graduate degree of four years with 2 Years relevant experience.


Relevant Experience: 

  1. Minimum five (05) years of work experience in Microbiology
  2. Experience in handling human medical samples.
  3. Interest in interdisciplinary research


Application Fees: Rs.100/=(Not for female candidates)


Age Limit: 35


Tenure: 12 Months or the termination of the project, whichever is earlier.


Last Date: 05/07/2024


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