Unlock Your Potential in Biotech, Healthcare, Pharma, and Agriculture


At BiotechVille, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the life sciences sectors. Our personalized career counseling services are designed to guide you through every step of your professional journey, whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or looking for a career transition from academia to industry.  



Our Services Include:


  1. Career Path Exploration:
  • Identify your strengths and interests
  • Explore various career options in your field
  • Create a strategic career plan tailored to your goals


  1. Job Search Strategies:
  • Effective job search techniques
  • Networking tips and best practices
  • Leveraging industry-specific job boards and resources


  1. Resume and Cover Letter Assistance:
  • Professional resume and CV writing
  • Tailored cover letters to enhance your applications
  • LinkedIn profile optimization for better visibility


  1. Interview Preparation:
  • Mock interviews and feedback
  • Strategies to answer common and industry-specific questions
  • Building confidence and communication skills


  1. Skill Development:
  • Identifying necessary skills and certifications
  • Recommendations for courses and training programs
  • Continuous professional development plans



 Why Career Counseling?

1. Personalized Guidance: Career counseling provides tailored advice based on individual strengths, interests, and industry trends, helping you make informed decisions about your career path.


2. Skill Development: Identify and develop key skills needed for your desired career, increasing your competitiveness in the job market.


3. Strategic Job Search: Learn effective job search strategies, from resume writing to interview preparation, ensuring you stand out to potential employers.


4. Confidence Building: Gain confidence through mock interviews and professional guidance, helping you navigate career transitions smoothly.


5. Industry Insights: Stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities in the biotech, healthcare, pharma, and agriculture sectors, making sure your career choices align with industry demands.


6. Networking Opportunities: Receive advice on how to build and leverage professional networks, crucial for career growth and job search success.



Why Choose BiotechVille?

  • Expert Guidance: We have extensive experience in the biotech, healthcare, pharma, and agriculture industries.
  • Personalized Approach: We provide one-on-one counseling tailored to your needs and career goals.
  • Comprehensive Support: We offer a full spectrum of career services from resume writing to interview preparation.



Pricing Plan for Career Counseling


1. Basic

  • Service: Basic Career Advice + Resume Review
  • Mode: Online (One Session)
  • MRP: 499 INR
  • Offer Price: 200 INR


2. Standard

  • Service: Career Counselling + Resume Review + Cover Letter Writing
  • Mode: Online (Two Session)
  • MRP: 999 INR
  • Offer Price: 400 INR 


3. Professional

  • Service: Resume Review + Cover Letter Writing + LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Mode: Online (Three Session)
  • MRP: 1,499 INR
  • Offer Price: 600 INR


4. Premium

  • Service: Comprehensive Career Counseling (Includes Career Path Exploration, Job Search Strategies, Interview Preparation)
  • Mode: Online
  • MRP: 4,999 INR 
  • Offer Price: 1,000 INR


5. Ultimate

  • Service: All-inclusive (Includes Resume Review, Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Comprehensive Career Counseling)
  • Mode: Online
  • MRP: 7,999
  • Price: ₹2,500


Additional Services

  • Mock Interviews: 500 INR per session
  • The Customs plan is also available



One session will be for one hour. 

Group discount available (Minimum 4 candidates)


Get Started Today!

Investing in career counseling can significantly enhance your career prospects, providing the tools and insights needed to achieve your professional goals. 

Embark on your path to a successful career with BiotechVille. Schedule your personalized career counseling session now and take the first step towards achieving your professional dreams. Register now and book your session today. 


If you have any queries, please contact:

Email: biotechville@gmail.com, info@biotechville.com

Phone: +91-9716646757

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